Your garden mosquito-free? Garden lighting for cable 10 meters with 10x E27 fitting anti-mosquito

Your garden mosquito-free? Garden lighting for cable 10 meters with 10x E27 fitting anti-mosquito

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Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay
This mosquito lamp offers an innovative solution to keep mosquitoes at bay and create a pleasant, mosquito-free environment. It is a special lamp with an E27 socket and a power of 5 watts, designed to be used in conjunction with a power cable in which a total of 10 of these lamps are installed. The lamps are evenly distributed with a distance of 95 cm between them, ensuring an even distribution of light and mosquito-repellent properties.

Effective range of 10-15 meters
This mosquito lamp emits a pleasant green color that keeps mosquitoes at a distance. The green light has an effective range of approximately 10-15 meters around the lamp. This means that the area directly around the lamp remains mosquito-free, allowing you to create a comfortable and mosquito-free zone. This makes the lamp ideal for outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, or campsites.

Aesthetically appealing green light
In addition to the practical function of repelling mosquitoes, the green light of this lamp also has an aesthetic advantage. It creates a festive atmosphere in the surroundings, making it perfect for outdoor parties, events, or decorative purposes. With this mosquito lamp, you can not only enjoy a mosquito-free environment but also create a cozy and inviting ambiance for yourself and your guests.

Popular in Asia and Africa against malaria mosquitoes
Although this specific mosquito lamp may not be widely known in Europe, it has gained popularity in Asia and Africa due to its effectiveness in areas where malaria mosquitoes are a major problem. In these regions, it is often used to keep mosquitoes at bay and reduce the spread of mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria.

This mosquito lamp works best when multiple lamps with a maximum distance of 100 cm are used. If you hang a string of 10 lamps in your garden, at a distance of approximately 5 meters from your seating area, it will create a mosquito-free green zone. The strings can be connected to each other, with a maximum of 12 strings. The more strings you use, the larger the area that remains free of mosquitoes.

In conclusion, this 5-watt mosquito lamp with an E27 socket is a convenient, aesthetically appealing, and effective solution to keep mosquitoes at bay. It provides you with a mosquito-free environment and a festive atmosphere, making it ideal for various outdoor activities and areas where mosquito infestations are a challenge.

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